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Host: Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant
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Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant dig into a variety of topics and deconstruct the historical, cultural and scientific aspects to get to the bottom of exactly how it works.

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Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant

Josh Clark is a senior writer at and is the co-host of the podcast Stuff You Should Know where he simplifies and reveals surprising facts about common ideas. Josh began his writing career when his third-grade teacher told him a short story he wrote was kind of good. From that moment on he has been writing. Josh attended the University of Georgia where he studied history and anthropology. After college, Josh pursued his profession as a journalist and worked as a writer and editor at weekly newspapers before landing his coveted gig at Josh lives with his wife, Umi and the pair enjoys traveling, solving mysteries, having pizza parties and visiting museums (both renowned and obscure). Charles (Chuck) Bryant co-hosts the Stuff You Should Know podcast, a platform he uses to educate the public about common things and how they work. Bryant also writes articles for the site, touching on a potpourri of various subjects. Born in Atlanta in the early 1970s under the sign of Pisces, Chuck earned an English degree at the University of Georgia. After graduating, he spent the next decade traveling. Upon returning from his travels, Bryant hooked up with, co-host Josh Clark was hired, and the pair bonded immediately over their love of Hunter S. Thompson, the fight-or-flight response and dive bars. In his off-time, Chuck enjoys hanging out with his wife, cooking and playing in his old-man band.

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