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Host: Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas
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About the Podcast

Wow in the World is a show for curious kids ages 4-10 and their parents that explores amazing inventions, discoveries and happenings in our universe. Wow in the World is a podcast and a new way for families to connect, look up and discover the wonders in the world around them. The show is co-hosted by Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz – hosts of SiriusXM’s weekly kids news series, Breakfast Blast Newscast – as a sketch-comedy/conversation featuring three big stories of the week. Every week, Mindy and Guy guide curious kids and their grown-ups away from their screens and on a journey. Through a combination of careful scientific research and fun, they go inside our brains, out into space, and deep into the coolest new stories in science and technology. Stories begin with questions that lead to an explanation about an amazing discovery or finding in the world of science and technology. All stories are rooted in research from scientific journals and from the news of the week. Part of NPR’s successful podcast portfolio, Wow in the World creates fun, high-quality kids programming that kids and parents will love.

About the Host

Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas

Guy Raz is host, co-creator, and editorial director of two wildly popular NPR programs, the TED Radio Hour and How I Built This. He also co-hosts SiriusXM’s weekly news segment for kids, Breakfast Blast Newscast. Since joining NPR in 1997, he has served in a huge variety of roles, notably, as weekend host of All Things Considered and Bureau Chief for both Berlin and London. He also spent two years in television journalism working for CNN. As a host and correspondent, he has interviewed more than 6,000 people. For his work he has received the Edward R. Murrow Award and Daniel Schorr Journalism prize, the National Headliner Award, and an NABJ, in addition to many others. Just as important as his super-serious news career, Guy is a father of two boys. He has performed as narrator in a DC children’s theater production of “Cat in the Hat,” and helped design a neighborhood playground. Guy also loves eating hard-boiled eggs, coaching baseball, and riding bikes with his wife and kids.

Mindy Thomas is the Gracie Award winning host of the inimitable Absolutely Mindy Show. She can be heard nationally, weekday mornings on SiriusXM’s Kid’s Place Live Channel, of which Mindy served as Program Director for ten years. Mindy lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, and two curious and creative kids who provide her with endless amounts of laughs, spilled milk and inspiration. Mindy is known as an expert and advocate for children’s literature and independent family music. She’s proven that kid’s programming can be smart, interesting, and compelling for both children and adults without sacrificing an ounce of silliness. She talks to imaginary friends (her listeners), sends kids on incredible imaginary adventures by flushing them down her “Portal Potty”, and has the super ability to keep children and adults laughing together on their morning commutes. She has hosted live events for Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Children’s Miracle Network, and Life is Good and conducted thousands of interviews with everyone from The Muppets to Julie Andrews. When she’s not living out her childhood dreams ‘playing radio’, she’s exploring the world with her husband and two curious and creative kids. She loves the outdoors, especially kayaking, hiking, and backpacking. She started an adventure club for moms called The Action Adventure Girls Club and she’s even jumped out of a plane on a skydiving adventure! She has no plans of ever growing up.
In 2016, Mindy and Guy won the International New York Festivals Award for their children’s program, the Breakfast Blast Newscast.

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