My Story So Far

Host: Luis Antonio Perez
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Man in the Mirror

About the Podcast

My Story So Far amplifies the experiences of overlooked and underrepresented folks across Colorado, inviting them to tell their truths in their own voices. Host Luis Antonio Perez travels to different communities statewide and organizes gatherings where people come together to share their stories onstage, in front of a live audience. You’ll hear raw, honest first-person narratives about the experiences and perspectives of everyday people. You’ll discover their resilience and strength, and understand the things that matter most to them and their communities. Produced and curated by Colorado Public Radio’s Audio Innovations Studio.

About the Host

Luis Antonio Perez

Luis Antonio Perez is the community audio producer for CPR’s Audio Innovations Studio. Luis joined CPR in 2020. His background in radio began as a host-producer at Vocalo, WBEZ Chicago’s radio station specializing in hip-hop and stories from the community. He’s also produced live storytelling events and worked on documentary films. He’s served as president of the board of the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) and as one of AIR’s mentors for young reporters and producers. Before CPR, Luis was overseeing podcast production about health and wellness for RadioMD and DoctorPodcasting.

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