The Dalrymple Report

Host: Jim Dalrymple and Merlin Mann
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Ep42 With TechCrunch

Ep43 With Layers Conference Founder Jessie Char

About the Podcast

Jim Dalrymple and Merlin Mann talk about, you know, life and stuff.

About the Host

Jim Dalrymple and Merlin Mann

Jim Dalrymple has been following Apple and its products for the last 17 years, first as one of the original members of MacCentral, then at Macworld. He held several positions at Macworld over the 10 years, including his final job as Editor at Large, before leaving in May 2009. Jim’s work has been in many publications including Macworld, PC World, Computerworld, Macworld UK and many others. He’s also appeared as an expert on several television stations including CNN, Fox, CBS and ABC. He continues to do radio show interviews, both Internet-based like Your Mac Life and MacNotables and traditional radio. Jim has been a guitar player for 20 years and records music on his Mac using GarageBand, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Line 6, Native Instruments, IK Multimedia, ToonTrack, FXPansion and a host of other applications. Merlin Mann is an independent writer, speaker, and broadcaster based in San Francisco.

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