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Hosted by long-time Mac Geek, Adam Christianson, The MacCast was one of the first podcasts available for Mac users, and as such has a devoted, loyal following, attracting new listeners regularly by way of its prominent placement in the iTunes Podcast section. This weekly show covers something for every Mac user out there, including news, tips, reviews, and helpful answers to listeners' questions, keeping people coming back for more week after week.

About the Host

Adam Christianson

My love affair with Apple began in the early 80’s when I wrote my first BASIC programs on the Apple IIe. My first Apple was a IIGS which I acquired by successfully talking my Dad out of purchasing a Mac Plus (Ahh, to be young and naive again). A steady stream of Macs followed. I made it through college using my trusty Mac Plus and after graduation migrated to a Performa 575. The Performa sustained me while working in pre-press for a successful Portland, OR advertising agency. In Portland, with the help of the local Mac User Group (PMUG), I quickly made friends with other Mac Geeks and officially joined the Cult of Macintosh. My career quickly moved from pre-press to IT services, while all along doing freelance web design and development under the name Terraform Creative. After and brief stint on the PMUG board of directors, I purchased a shiny new B&W G3, packed up my stuff and moved to San Diego to dry out. I began a new life as a Software Engineer and sought out new Mac Geeks in the San Diego Macintosh Users Group (SDMUG). I currently serve on the Board of Directors for SDMUG, as well as the Board of the San Diego Computer Society (SDCS). In August 2004, I discovered Podcasting and became instantly addicted. In early December 2004 I put out the first MacCast and I haven’t stopped since. I currently produce and publish the MacCast each week and I am having a great time doing it. The Macintosh and the Mac community continue to amaze and inspire me and I am happy to be one of the crazy ones.

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