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Host: Paul Kent & Dave Hamilton
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GigGab takes the vibe of that conversation that happens back stage between sets or after the show and brings it to everyone. Musicians talking shop, the woes and successes of being a weekend warrior, the tips and tricks learned from decades of slogging it out on stages of all sizes. Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton are the perfect pair to bring you exactly the right perspective. With guests like Jan Hammer, Kenny Aronoff, Robert Berry, and more, they combine a working man’s ethic with star power to give you the full story.

About the Host

Paul Kent & Dave Hamilton

Dave Hamilton: I started playing the drums, oh… well, a LONG time ago, and haven’t really stopped. Currently I’m playing with two bands consistently, Fling andChafed, and occasionally moonlight with KnockOff, all in the New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts area. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with a lot of great musicians and bands over the years, some of whom include Jeff Steblea, Murry Woods, and Hypnotic Clambake, the last with whom I spend a few months on the road touring (and living on a converted school bus!). I also play the piano/keyboards, and though I’ve technically played that instrument longer than the drums, I’m not nearly as proficient on the keys! Also, in August of 2008 I started taking guitar lessons along with my daughter, and that’s going very well — I’m having a blast being able to simply accompany myself whilst singing, with voice being another instrument I’ve worked on significantly over the past few years.

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