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The Outside Podcast applies Outside's longstanding literary storytelling methods to the audio realm, creating features that will both entertain and inform listeners along the way. We launched in March 2016 with our first series, Science of Survival, which was developed in partnership with PRX, distributors of the idolized This American Life and The Moth Radio Hour, among others. The series is produced with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and its commitment to storytelling around STEM issues. We have since launched two additional series, The Outside Interview, which has editor Christopher Keyes interrogating the biggest figures in sports, adventure, and politics, and Dispatches, a diverse range of stories on newsworthy topics.

About the Host

Peter Frick-Wright & Robbie Carver

Peter Frick-Wright is a writer and radio maker from Portland, Oregon. He has reported from Bosnia, Burma, Burundi and is preparing for a trip to Bolivia. He learned to make radio at the venerable Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. In 2012 and 2013, his print stories received a notable mention in Best American Sports Writing. Robbie Carver is a radio producer from the pacific northwest. He holds an MFA in Non-Fiction Writing from Portland State University and is a sometime essayist on non-fiction’s role in Americana. He learned to play guitar and piano just to make the Outside Magazine podcast better.

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