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Host: Zakiya Gibbons
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The Hang Up

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Love reality dating shows but tired of the obsession with marriage? Welcome to Hang Up, a reality dating show with no rings attached. In each season, one person is matched with six prospective love interests. They go on dates over the phone and never see each other. After the dates, the Star chooses one person to “hang up” on and eliminate from the show. And there’s a twist— in the end, the winning caller makes their own choice: to either choose the Star back and take an all-expenses-paid vacation together or hang up on the Star and take a cash prize instead.

About the Host

Zakiya Gibbons

Zakiya Gibbons is an award-winning podcast story editor, host and writer based in Brooklyn. She has worked at Gimlet, WNYC, Audible, Crooked, and more. Zakiya is a co-founder of the POC in Audio Directory, a resource created to fight the lack of racial diversity in the audio industry. In 2019, Zakiya and her collaborators were recognized by Bitch Media as among the top 50 "most impactful creators, artists, and activists in pop culture" for their work in advocating for racial equity in audio. She loves talking to strangers, dancing to trap music, getting pummeled by waves, and going on adventures all over the world. She's obsessed with interrogating human behavior and culture through storytelling and conversation. She's a Synclaire sun, Regine moon, and Maxine rising.

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