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About the Podcast

No topic is off limits as Peter Rosenberg seizes the airwaves from "The Michael Kay Show" to present the "Evening Nightly News."

About the Host

Peter Rosenberg

As one of the country's premiere radio personalities, HOT 97's and ESPN's Peter Rosenberg is revolutionizing the global hip hop and sports landscapes. Heard every weekday morning hosting the Hot 97 Morning Show and every afternoon on 98.7 ESPN's The Michael Kay Show, Peter's voice anchors two of New York's most iconic and revered media brands. His quirky, honest, and unique spin on hip hop and pop culture, New York life, sports and politics, along with his ability to cross cultural boundaries and touch every facet of the media and entertainment businesses has garnered him millions of fans across the country throughout the music, comedy, sports and news genres. In September 2015, Peter joined the Michael Kay show on 98.7 ESPN weekdays, from 4-7PM. As the man in the middle of Michael Kay and Don LaGreca, Peter has been charged with keeping peace, educating them in the ways of the millennials and making sure what everyone needs to know. Rosenberg's passion for everything he covers is undeniable. His authentic persona, quick wit and sense of humor have made headlines and earned him interviews with hip hop luminaries including Jay-Z, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore, pop stars including Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus and sport legends including Mike Tyson, Victor Cruz and Hulk Hogan. Rosenberg's resume includes: Host of MTV2's game show "Hip Hop Squares" (which had the highest rated premiere episode in the history of the network); creator and host of the acclaimed Noisemakers, the first live and intimate hip hop interview series, a platform in which he has interviewed Diddy, Nas, ?uestlove and many more; co-host of the cult hip hop podcast Juan Epstein; host and curator of numerous South by Southwest events; promoter and host of an annual birthday concert that has featured performances by Meek Mill, Odd Future and Schoolboy Q, to name a few; host of the annual Rock the Bells tour; contributor to various documentaries and television series for outlets including HBO, VH1, BET, and Fuse; host of a the cult wrestling podcast "Cheap Heat." Additionally, Peter Rosenberg is one of the most sought after event DJs in the country. Rosenberg has been covered extensively by hundreds of mainstream, print, online and social media outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The New Yorker. Peter, alongside many dedicated friends, lends his voice and talents to raise funds and awareness for The North Shore Animal League, the world's largest animal rescue and adoption organization. Peter was also recently recognized by UJA-Federation of New York as one of the 40 Under 40 Industry Leaders.

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