The Greatest Generation

Host: Ben Harrison and Adam Pranica
Podcast Samples:
Resting Prophesy Face

About the Podcast

We're reviewing every episode of Star Trek The Next Generation in order, and we are joking around while we do it.

About the Host

Ben Harrison and Adam Pranica

Adam Pranica is a filmmaker and videographer who works with rock bands, tech companies and defense contractors, all while maintaining the impression of being a Sears lawnmower salesperson. Known throughout the Northwest as a person of impeccable taste and character, he drives a 90's BMW and has the haircut of a comic strip dad, which would normally exclude the possibility. Adam currently works for an aerospace company, making videos of things you need some kind of clearance to view, which makes him the type of person important people trust. He also co-hosts The Greatest Generation podcast on with Benjamin Ahr Harrison.

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