Late Era

Host: Andy Cush, Sam Sodomsky, & Winston Cook-Wilson
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Neil Young

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About the Podcast

What are some of the biggest left turns from prominent artists over the past sixty years? Why did they make these records? Are there some misunderstood gems to appreciate? Hosted by Andy Cush, Sam Sodomsky and Winston Cook-Wilson, this show will chronicle late era records from prominent artists, breaking down the historical context of each album, diving into individual tracks, and exploring the larger impact of each record on the artist's legacy. Presented by Osiris Media.

About the Host

Andy Cush, Sam Sodomsky, & Winston Cook-Wilson

Andy Cush is a writer, composer, and musician currently living in Maryland. He studied music technology and ethnomusicology at Northeastern University. In addition to contributing to , Andy is a founding member of and active contributor to the Boston-based musicians' collective and netlabel Psychedelevator.

Sam Sodomsky is a writer based in New York. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Uncut, and more.
Winston Cook-Wilson is a writer and musician living in Brooklyn. His work has appeared in Spin, The Guardian, Vice, Grantland, Red Bull Music Academy, and elsewhere.

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