Festival Circuit: New Orleans

Host: Rob Steinberg
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Talking With The Natives

The First Festival


A narrative series focusing on the history and impact of festivals and cities around the world. The first season focuses on the music of New Orleans and the annual jazz festival. This five-part series explores the history of music in the city, the creation and evolution of the jazz festival, and the lasting appeal of New Orleans music. Included are interviews with Ivan Neville, George Porter, Jr., Irma Thomas, Anders Osborne, Ben Jaffe, Papa Mali and dozens of other musicians, writers, academics and music fans. Premieres July 9.

About the Host

Rob Steinberg

Rob Steinberg was born in Philadelphia and partied at Tulane University in New Orleans where he actually graduated at the top of his class creating the university's first self-designed major in Communications. Rob spent the 80s in New York in "the music biz" -- and for what he can remember was involved in marketing, promotion, and management with such noted acts as Scorpions, War and Bob Marley. Rob switched careers and coasts after a near-fatal car accident, moved to Los Angeles and embarked on a second career, focusing his sites on the film business -- a decision his mom blames on the head injury from that car accident! Within the first six months, his breakthrough role came in Die Hard 2 (1990) as the assistant to Bill Atherton's obnoxious TV reporter. Since then, Rob has worked with and is about to drop the names of such noted Hollywood luminaries as Joel Silver, Lawrence Gordon, Renny Harlin, Barbet Schroeder, Jonathan Kaplan, Mimi Leder, Jim Carey, Denzel Washington, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kurt Russell and Academy Award winners Delbert Mann & George Clooney. Rob has appeared in twenty films including the blockbusters Unlawful Entry (1992), Single White Female (1992) and Ricochet (1991) while starring in mediocre films such as Casa Hollywood (1996), Staying on Top (2001), Resolution (2001) and the unbelievably schlocky Kraa! The Sea Monster (1998).

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