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Journalist Ryan Kern teams up with Vietnam veterans to find the missing photos of servicemen who died in the war, and to investigate and resolve any remaining questions or issues their loved ones are still holding on to five decades later.

About the Host

Ryan Kern

RYAN KERN, HOST AND REPORTER of Finding Faces, developed a niche for two specific types of storytelling in his six years as an anchor/reporter in Nevada; history and United States Veterans. Through his Knowing Nevada historical series, Ryan accompanied and documented hundreds of World War II, Korean War and Vietnam veterans as they were taken to Washington D.C. to see the sights and memorials built in their honor. This is all made possible through Honor Flight, a program Ryan is an ambassador for and works closely with today. In his travels to Washington, Ryan exclusively reported on the countries first ever all-Vietnam veteran Honor Flight trip to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 2015. A year later, Ryan was asked to return to the nation’s capital to take part in the first all-Native American Honor Flight visit. The majority of those invited on this flight were Vietnam veterans as well.

As the grandson of a German-Jewish defector facing imprisonment in Nazioccupied Germany, along with being the nephew of a combat Vietnam veteran, Ryan is a proud patriot who recognizes the sacrifice of servicemen and servicewomen. He also sympathizes with what each military family equally gives up as well. The more time he spends listening to all involved in the chaos that is the military life, Ryan’s passion for telling their stories of sorrow, triumph and grieving has only increased through the years. Now, he is dedicating his craft towards honoring those who died for freedom, along with helping loved ones left behind still searching for closure.

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