Empire On Blood

Host: Steve Fishman
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Calvin’s Last Shot
Joe Barry, Private Eye


Empire on Blood is a seven-part serialized podcast from Panoply that investigates a 1992 double homicide in the Bronx. The show is narrated by longtime journalist, Steve Fishman, who has spent the past seven years untangling a twisted web of justice to chronicle one man’s last chance to overturn his life sentence. At the center of the story are the two young drug dealers who ruled an infamous intersection known as “The Corner on Blood.” Calvin “Cal” Buari and Dwight Robinson were in business together, living large, and getting rich until two brothers were shot dead, and Robinson accused Buari of the double homicide leading to Buari’s conviction. Incarcerated since 1995, Buari reached out to countless defense attorneys, persistently advocating his innocence. Empire On Blood uncovers the story behind Buari's conviction through firsthand accounts. Each tells his and her story to Fishman, from the police who investigated the murders, the assistant Bronx District Attorney who convicted Buari (twice), the new eyewitnesses, Buari’s crusading attorneys, to the man who, at one point, confessed to the crime.

About the Host

Steve Fishman

Steve Fishman is an award-winning journalist, longtime contributing editor for New York magazine, and the host of Ponzi Supernova, a six-episode audio series about Bernie Madoff. Fishman has often covered the criminal justice system, writing about wrongful convictions, corrupt officials, and financial criminals. His stories have led to the departure of top officials.

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