Dam Internet, You Scary!

Host: Tahir Moore and Patrick Cloud
Podcast Samples:
Blind From Junk Food

The Gap Girl

About the Podcast

The boys are back! From the all DEF podcast: "The Internet Is Undefeated" comes a new spinoff show called "Dam Internet, You Scary!" Hosts Tahir Moore and Patrick Cloud break down the hilarious yet horrifying things we see on the internet every day! Then close the curtains and get into some creepy conspiracies!

About the Host

Tahir Moore and Patrick Cloud

Tahir Moore is a stand-up comic, actor, writer and host. Originally from East St. Louis, IL, he graduated from Harris-Stowe State University in 2008. After getting robbed twice at gunpoint during the night shift at White Castle, he decided the food service industry wasn’t for him, thus beginning his career in stand-up comedy. Tahir began doing stand-up full time after moving to Los Angeles in 2009. He was able to hone his comedic material on inmates at a Los Angeles County jail, where he substitute taught various classes. During this time, Tahir also worked as a startline MC for the mud run company, Tough Mudder. Tahir has toured with comedians D. L. Hughley, Lavell Crawford, Affion Crockett and more. Tahir now works as an on-air personality and writer at All Def Digital, a digital media company. In addition to starring in commercials for K-Mart, True Car and Verizon, Tahir can be seen on his recurring role as “Fast Mike” on HBO's Insecure. Tahir keeps busy on and off the stage.He’s currently on a quest to lose weight, with hopes of becoming a sex symbol. In his spare time, Tahir likes to battle rap, indoor skydive, and competitively bowl (with at 115 average score).

Patrick Cloud says "My name is Patrick Cloud and all I do is create cool content! I was put on this earth to help others, and so far I have put my efforts into comedy and music to help people get through their everyday lives. So far I've created a few shows such as Roast Me and Dad Jokes to warm up, but now I'm taking it to the next level! I want to give you guys even more content, as well as shows, merch, music, my Protect Your Light motivational project, hair-care products, gaming, Twitch streaming, an Arcade Tokens channel AND comic book, and all dopeness created from my group of friends Innovator Co!"

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Weather Control, Eating Unhealthy Can Make You Blind, and more!

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