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Aaron the Host of "Combat Vet Vision" at Sitch Radio

How a piece of art somes up the feelings when a veteran is in crisis.

About the Podcast

Aaron Q. Seibert aka "Chief" discusses issues veterans during the transition back into society after leaving the military. Through Interviews and opinion pieces this eye-opening show has helped to bridge the gap our veterans face.

About the Host

Sitch Radio

Aaron Q. Seibert having 3 Combat tours now serves as a Wounded Warrior Liaison, Vice President of the Warrior Built Foundation and heads the West Coast offices of the PTSD Foundation of America providing Peer-to-Peer PTSD Discussion. Aaron is a Keynote speaker for multiple Military, Civilian and non-profit organizations in supporting the needs of our Combat Veterans and educating the public. Bringing his experiences and expertise to the Public he has launched “Combat Vet Vision”, An on-demand internet radio show to expand his reach with the goal of helping more and more Vet’s.

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Aaron "Chief" Seibert describes his podcast, "Combat Vet Vision"

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