Wilderness Therapy & Residential Treatment Journey

Host: Lori & Andy Goldstrom


This podcast is for parents of children considering, currently engaged in or having completed wilderness therapy & residential treatment. It is produced by parents who, like you, are currently or have been involved in this unexpected journey with your child and family. There are a lot of great resources out there, but they are highly fragmented. We want this podcast to be a go to place for information and comfort. We will have engaging topics with guest speakers that will provide good guidance and inspiration as you navigate your journey.

About the Host

Lori & Andy Goldstrom

We have been married for 27 years, but were most challenged during our parental journey when our daughter was in treatment. The toughest part is that we felt so alone and struggled finding resources and direction. At times we needed professional help, but there were other times, we just needed some reassurance things were going to be OK. Once engaged, we found there were many other parents who also needed help. As a result, we have spent dozens and dozens of hours talking with other parents, who were so grateful for our engagement. To help and make sure you aren’t alone, we decided to launch a podcast and coaching business.

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