Weathering Coronavirus: Updates & Hope

Host: Curt Linville
Show Samples:
Ep 12 - Coronavirus - The Remedy for Fear

Ep 11 - Viruses and the Human Body: Inner Workings


Regular Coronavirus (COVID-19) news compiled for you and shared with empowering perspectives. Regular updates. Hope. How best to weather these challenging circumstances: working from home, home-schooling, managing fear, staying healthy, the science of the epidemic, understanding public health orders, social distancing, flattening the curve, world-wide Coronavirus news commentary with a small mountain town twist.

About the Host

Curt Linville

Curt Linville was the co-founder of The Adventure Sports Podcast back in the wild west days of podcasting. Entrepreneur, Engineer, Science & Math Teacher, Consultant. Curt provides informed and thoughtful perspectives on current events, psychology, science, politics, and health. Encouragement and motivation are keystones for Curt's work.

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