Uncompromising Faith

Host: Homer Les and Wanda Ring
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About the Podcast

Homer Les and Wanda Ring are veterans of the wilderness journey of uncompromising faith. It is their passion to call all people to a deeper walk of maturity and intimacy with Jesus. These podcasts are to help you understand the mysteries of the wilderness and how to follow God. Homer and Wanda will bring you truth that has been mined from experience and refined by a fire seven times hotter. Let God ignite the flame of passion within you for His holy presence.

About the Host

Homer Les and Wanda Ring

Homer, Wanda, and their two daughters, were living in middle class suburbia, comfortable with a house and consulting business, when God knocked on their door. They were frustrated with stale religion; and wanted more of Jesus. Disturbed by the immaturity of Christians, and having a heart-felt longing for intimacy with Jesus, they followed God’s lead into the unknown. Their journey led them down the ancient paths of faith. A faith journey filled with painful realizations, humbling experiences, and life threatening situations. Their story is one of hope, perseverance, endurance and an overcoming faith.

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