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Host: Izu Okafor
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Faculty President Election Experience


Let's inspire and motivate you! Uncommon Motivation Lab is a dynamic learning platform founded in shared values of inspiration, motivation, collaboration, innovation and creativity. Our goal is to move people to live/ lead inspiring happier lives. Get tuned to take your life to another level. #iLiveLoveLead

About the Host

Izu Okafor

Izuchukwu, the Visionary and Founder of Uncommon Me International, a brand with a passion to inspire and raise young people that will deploy their gifts and abilities to create a life of passion and positive influence in our generation, aimed at raising passionate leaders for betterment in our society. The Convener of the "Expression Summit" Series and President of African Youth Development Institute (AYDI). A Podcaster & blogger at various online communities with a unique voice and also a passionate Learner, Writer, Spoken Word Artist, Poet, Worshiper, Communicator and Social Entrepreneur. I strongly believes that for there to be sustainable development in our generation, the best place and people to focus on will be the life of young people. I acknowledges the fact that everyone one can make a difference, if passion and purpose is discovered, developed and deployed which led me to start the UncommonMe Project, I aimed towards raising a generation of youths that are different, inspiring, and passionate about getting things better in the community. I have implemented severally Education Support Services, Capacity Building Initiatives, and Personality Development Services impacting over 5000 children and young people across Eastern Nigerian. Through Uncommon Me International, Izuchukwu has successfully raised young people who are leading change in their communities.

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