Host: Leo Laporte, Megan Morrone, and Jason Howell
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Triangulation 380: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

About the Podcast

Triangulation features interviews with the smartest people in the world talking about the most important topics in technology.

About the Host

Leo Laporte, Megan Morrone, and Jason Howell

Leo Laporte is the Emmy Award-winning founder of, producing and hosting many shows on the network. He hosts the nationally syndicated The Tech Guy radio show for Premiere Networks, and is a keynote speaker at tech conferences like Macworld and the New Media Expo. Megan Morrone produces and hosts Tech News Weekly and iOS Today. She also co-hosts Triangulation. Megan produced and co-hosted the original Screen Savers on TechTV and worked as a writer for Microsoft. Jason Howell produces and hosts Tech News Weekly and All About Android. He also co-hosts Triangulation. Jason has produced original video content for the web since 2005. Prior to TWiT, he produced the majority of CNET’s podcast lineup, including Buzz Out Loud.

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