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About the Podcast

What comes to mind when you think of American culture? The Parker Edison Project works to expand the cliché answer to that question. It's a podcast that zooms way in on what really makes a culture — food, music, style, sex, fashion and more. Join host and co-creator Parker Edison for insightful conversations about creativity and community, all through the lens of Black America. This is the Parker Edison Project, a sonic exploration of what's considered American, where each episode starts with a thought-provoking talk and ends with a musical bang.

About the Host

Parker Edison

Parker Edison considers himself a hustler - more in line with Too Short than Tony Montana. But even though he raps, directs music videos and lectures at universities, that persona is who he identifies with most. At a time when many artists clog Twitter feeds and Facebook timelines with incessant, all caps self-promotion, Parker lays in the cut, quietly rebirthing the "cool." It's the same type of cool that Miles Davis fathered in 1957. Parkers name and music are already being passed around like San Diego's best kept secret. But soon, everyone will be in on that secret too.

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The Parker Edison Project - Trailer

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