The Daily Grind

Host: Steve Bitsko

About the Podcast

A daily devotion, delivering a God-centered message to anyone seeking guidance and enrichment from the Word of God. A ministry of Faith Baptist Church in El Paso, Texas. Please visit us at Send a message if you enjoy the podcast.

About the Host

Steve Bitsko

A layman at Faith Baptist Church in El Paso, Texas. Has a desire to reach and encourage other Bible-believing Christians through media. During the COVID-19, Quarantine had a calling to start a podcast since he could not empower and teach others face to face. He asked his son Andy if he could help since he streams videos of game playing (Twitch: Doomstrider1). He set up a small studio, and that was the start of this ministry. When I am not podcasting, I am an active member of the United States Air Force.

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