The Alien Chronicles: Immigrant Stories

Host: Saadia Khan

About the Podcast

The Alien Chronicles is a weekly podcast that features immigrants from all different walks of life to share their immigrant experiences. It offers a platform for open dialogue around immigration. The idea is to create a better understanding of the so-called "the other" through relatable narratives. Each interview unravels the complexities of being an immigrant in the US. In today's polarized political climate, this podcast strives to build bridges and bring communities together by helping the listeners to understand the perspectives of those who are different from them.

About the Host

Saadia Khan

Hi! I am Saadia Khan and I am an immigrant who is fascinated by different cultures. I am also an intersectional feminist who calls America home. In the current climate of polarization and divisiveness, I decided to launch a podcast that focuses on celebrating representation and inclusion in America. What qualifies me to do this Podcast? An MBA, masters in Human Rights and my own experiences as an immigrant and a human rights activist exploring the intersectionality between different cultures, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Additional Information

The founder and host of The Alien Chronicles Podcast talks about her motivation behind starting this podcast

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