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Host: Grace Lynch
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Textbook Approval

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In 1961, Norma and Mel Gabler were a quiet couple living in Longview, Texas. One day, they noticed some factual errors in one of their sons’ textbooks. What began as a small complaint morphed into a multi-decade crusade to shape what children of Texas ​​— and therefore the country — read in their textbooks. In an election year with raging debates around education, this audio documentary charts how Texas dictated American education over the last sixty years and examines how the fight over our childrens’ classroom has only intensified today.

About the Host

Grace Lynch

Grace Lynch is a Multimedia Producer with experience in video, podcasts and live events. Her free time is spent devouring satire, political podcasts and as much theater as possible. Get to know Grace better by listening to Curious Creative Conversations wherever you get your podcasts, or by watching The Daily Cal's profile on her directing work at UC Berkeley.

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Chapter 1: Under God

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