Talks with Petri

Host: Petri Kajander


Talks with Petri explores personal stories and experiences with lessons learned. The international guests are building the future in culture, arts, business, economics, technology or they are having big ideas. The real talk conversations go deep but the tone is entertaining. If you are an entrepreneur, business leader, or a creative building something new Talks with Petri gives you inspiration and ideas by sharing what others have already learned.

About the Host

Petri Kajander

Petri Kajander is a business artist building the future with growth companies focusing on strategy, branding and funding. He advises startups and leaders, mentors and coaches in startup programs and lectures in universities, writes and shares his views on technology and society. Starting early with his entrepreneurial career he has co-founded startups, a think tank and worked with high profile ventures as well as experienced the ups and downs of business cycles and tech booms and busts.

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