Still Paying the Price: Reparations in Real Terms

Host: Pamela Kirkland, Patrice Mosley, Ben Greenberg, Kojin Tashiro, Juleyka Lantigua, & Paulina Velasco
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The Daily Record

Black Roots in American Music

About the Podcast

This 14-part original series from LWC Studios explores how reparations should be paid and to whom. For all episodes, transcripts and supplemental materials visit This series was funded by a grant from The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Cover art: "Gemini" by Fitgi Saint-Louis

About the Host

Pamela Kirkland, Patrice Mosley, Ben Greenberg, Kojin Tashiro, Juleyka Lantigua, & Paulina Velasco

Pamela Kirkland is a Field Producer for CNN, based at the network's global headquarters in Atlanta. Kirkland is known for her work with PBS NewsHour; particularly the NewsHour Specials: Questions for President Obama, Predator at Large, and Newlyweds: The First Year (2012). In her career she has also worked for the Washington Post and SiriusXM.

Patrice C. Mosley is an award-winning Content Producer and a Digital Marketer. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of North Texas and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Producing for Motion Pictures from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She also achieved a professional certificate in Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce. Earlier in her career, she worked in radio collaborating as the assistant producer for the syndicated show, The Ride with Doug and DeDe.
Ben Greenberg is an investigative reporter who writes about unpunished racist murders and other racist terrorism from the 1940s, 50s and 60s in Mississippi and elsewhere in the South. His articles have appeared in NPR Codeswitch, Narratively, USA Today, Colorlines, Clarion-Ledger, Anniston Star, and elsewhere.
Kojin Tashiro is LWC’s Lead Producer. Using his experience producing music for Grammy-winning artists and working in public radio broadcast, Kojin aims to cover production for a diverse range of content from all parts of the world — including his hometown of Tokyo, Japan.
Juleyka Lantigua is the Founder/CEO of LWC, which received a Peabody Award nomination and won “The Director’s Prize” at Third Coast award, also known as “The Oscars of Audio.” A Fulbright Scholar and Tory Burch Fellow, Juleyka holds a Master’s in Journalism and an MFA in Creative Writing.
Paulina Velasco is a multilingual audio producer based in Los Angeles, California. She’s had experience across several podcasts and public radio programs and has filed stories for KCRW, Marketplace, and The Guardian, among others. She reports on immigration and immigrant communities with a commitment to nuanced and accurate representation of people’s experiences.

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Introducing Still Paying the Price: Reparations in Real Terms

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