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Host: Jessica Ashley
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About the Podcast

Welcome to The “Stay Calm, Mom!” Show, with host Jessica Ashley. We bring you strategies, best practices, and resources, from knowledgeable and expert sources, and advice from real life mothers sharing their own experiences, to help you better manage your responsibilities as a mother and parent, while also increasing your own personal satisfaction to achieve a higher level of self-fulfillment in your life. The “Stay Calm, Mom!” Show is where strong moms go to stay calm.

About the Host

Jessica Ashley

I’m Jessica Ashley, the founder of “Stay Calm, Mom!” and the Host of The “Stay Calm, Mom!” Podcast Show. I am in my early 30s, a single mother to my toddler son, and a new business owner. I am born and raised in New England and live in beautiful Massachusetts. have a passion for helping women better manage their responsibilities as mothers and parents while also increasing their own personal satisfaction to achieve a higher level of self-fulfillment and success in their lives. To best serve this mission, I created The “Stay Calm, Mom!” Podcast show which facilities providing mothers with strategies, best practices, and resources, from knowledgeable and expert sources, and advice from real life mothers sharing their own experiences. The passion I have for this project arose from one of the biggest changes I experienced in life, that changed every facet of my life, and transformed me from the inside out, becoming a mother. Almost 2 years ago I had my son and had to make some abrupt changes in my life, to the way I was living my life, to the way I was viewing and valuing myself, and to the way I envisioned my future. I had been struggling in a decade long tumultuous marriage that began when I was only 18 and I had been accepting, unacceptable circumstances for far too long. For the wellbeing of me and my then newborn son, I decided to leave the relationship and venture out to start my life anew as a single mother, determined to create the life I knew my son deserved. Since then, I have learned, healed, changed, and grown as a person and as a mother. This journey of creating a new life, growing as a mother, rediscovering my true self, creating new dreams, and finding real true love, all helped me realize that when we are the best versions of ourselves – our happiest, most satisfied, more self-fulfilled versions of ourselves as women – we are then able to be there for our children in the way we want to be. It is then, that we are able to create that life that they, and we, deserve. We can inspire them to live their lives with as much passion, love, strength, confidence, conviction, and calm, as we have. When we choose to empower ourselves, to love ourselves, and allow ourselves to value and make strides towards our own internal happiness, we become stronger. With this strength, this self-assurance, and this confidence in ourselves, we then discover the calm within us. Everything I have gone through and everything I have learned on this journey of Motherhood, motivated me to create a resource for us as women and as mothers where we could share connection, find knowledge, and receive inspiration to help us be the best versions of ourselves as women and as mothers…So, I created “Stay Calm, Mom!” Before “Stay Calm, Mom!” I built a successful career in finance as a licensed banker managing a multi-million-dollar bank branch in downtown Boston. While building my career working full time, I put myself through college at night and is a first-generation college graduate. I first receiving a certificate degree in audio engineering, supporting my passion for music and production, and as a musician created ambient soundscape relaxation music. I later graduated sum-cum-laude with a Bachelors of Liberal Arts, concentrating in psychology and business. During my career, I enjoyed volunteering my time and connecting with those in need. I conducted financial literacy seminars for mothers recovering from domestic violence and created winter warm clothing drives for the homeless. In my early years, I discovered a love of journalism and presenting when I was the editor of her high school newspaper and briefly hosted a local broadcast TV show, before graduating a year early and beginning college courses at 16. I believe all of our experiences in life build us into who we are today. You either allow the experiences in your life to break you or allow your life to build you – it is all a matter of perception and how you choose to rise from adversity. I am grateful to have experienced so many blessings and to have grown from challenging opportunities. All of which has led me ultimately here, to “Stay Calm, Mom!”, with all of you, and I am extremely excited to be here.

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