Smoke Screen: Fake Priest

Host: Alex Schuman
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He Wasn't Just A Priest

Where Did This Money Come From?

About the Podcast

For 30 years, a man claimed to be a priest. He performed baptisms and took confession. Every time he ran into trouble, Father Ryan would move on to another small Midwestern town and start his scheme all over again. Followers who once worshiped him, now accuse him of exploitation, fraud and abuse. Multiple prosecutors have charged him, but he’s never been imprisoned for his crimes. Investigative reporter Alex Schuman, who hails from a small Iowa town himself, set out to find out how Father Ryan got away with it for so long and why on earth he did it. Along the way, he discovers Father Ryan has connections to a murdered priest, a false prophet, and an entire subculture where he and other frauds can thrive. In season one of Smoke Screen, join Alex Schuman as he unravels this con and gets answers from this white-collar criminal himself. Listen to Smoke Screen: Season 1 Fake Priest, an all-new podcast from Neon Hum Media.

About the Host

Alex Schuman

Alex Schuman is an investigative reporter from Iowa. He's reported in several TV markets and recently spent two years covering Capitol Hill and the White House in Washington, D.C. You can usually find him going on a run, working on a short film or drinking coffee – lots and lots of coffee.

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