Real Survivor Stories

Host: John Hopkins
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Judgement Call

About the Podcast

True stories of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary survival situations. Stranded in the desert. Lost in the jungle. Marooned in the mountains. Shipwrecked on the high seas. You'll hear from individuals who had everything against them. But even then, they refused to give in… Hosted by John Hopkins. New episodes Thursdays.

About the Host

John Hopkins

John Hopkins is perhaps best known for his acting roles including Sgt. Dan Scott on “Midsomer Murders”, Lowell in Tim Burton's “Alice in Wonderland”, and Sir Francis Basset in the British TV series “Poldark”. John is also the popular host of Scotland Yard Confidential, a Parcast and Noiser co-production.

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Paragliding Miracle - Ewa Wisnierska

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