Mixing Business with Pleasure

Host: Mike Grinberg and Gaby Grinberg
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About the Podcast

A podcast about loving your work and working with your love. Mike and Gaby Grinberg are husband and wife business owners, interviewing other successful husband and wife / significant other business owners about how they built their business, why they chose to work together and how the manage to balance the business, the relationship and everything in between.

About the Host

Mike Grinberg and Gaby Grinberg

Lovers first. Parents second, and entrepreneurs last–but certainly not least. We’re a few other things in between, too: siblings, cousins, children, grand-children, friends and all around good people, made better by the experiences we went through on our way to parenthood and by becoming business owners. We both love to travel and are self-proclaimed foodies and winos. We spend most days together, at home, working on our business and spending as much time as we can with our daughter. We have a lot in common, and also a lot of differences that help fuel our business, and keep things interesting between us.

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