I Have A Story For You

Host: Angie Griffith, Amber Jackson, and Celine Pelofi


The raw, unscripted stories and conversations brought to you by three friends as they go through life together in their 30s. Guaranteed to be basic and dramatic, without a filter.

About the Host

Angie Griffith, Amber Jackson, and Celine Pelofi

Angie Griffith - @theangiegriffith: Based in Nashville, TN, Angie is a touring/recording artist manager on the staff of an elite firm, whose clients include celebrity musicians, film/tv talent, and brands. As the talent representative and producer of the podcast, she spearheads external conversations, audio production, distribution, and social media. She enjoys working out, live events, anything Bachelor franchise, practicing free throws (seriously), serving within her community, and the beach! || Amber Jackson - @amberlynnjackson: Amber was a nomad for years before recently settling in Nashville, TN. After about a decade of working in sports medicine with different orthopedic surgeons and college and professional athletes, she switched careers and started her own business. Now, she enjoys working remotely and helping other companies with insurance and onboarding new employees. She loves sports, kickboxing, theater, fishing and lobstering, and anything that involves the keys down in Florida. || Celine Pelofi - @celineangeline / @elitemissearthusa: Former Miss United States based in South Florida, Celine is half American, half French and is passionate about traveling, culture and languages. Celine speaks French and Spanish and has been to 18 different countries and 33 different states. Celine loves to workout and practices Bikram yoga regularly. She’s the daughter of a French chef, so cooking and baking are essential elements to her life and make her quite the gourmet enthusiast!

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