Getting Thru: Stories of Resilience

Host: Andrea Sonnenberg
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About the Podcast

Getting Thru is a new podcast series addressing mental health among young adults — its challenges and pathways to success.

About the Host

Andrea Sonnenberg

I am the proud mother of three children, each of whom have had their share of accomplishments but, more than that, have grown to be responsible, caring, supportive adults. As is the case with all children, they have also had their share of challenges along the way. In the case of our son, Bradley, his challenges were more profound and longer lasting. He suffered from depression and anxiety. On December 13, 2017, Bradley died from complications resulting from multiple psychiatric medications. After experiencing this tragedy, I had a choice—to give up, retreating into my grief or turn that grief into action by helping others dealing with mental health issues. I chose the latter and this website provides insight into ways I—and you—can help those who suffer find resilience and meaning.

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