Eat This, Not That!

Host: Jon Hammond and Dave Zinczenko
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About the Podcast

Eat This, Not That! takes a fun and informative look at how Americans eat. Whether it’s what people eat for breakfast on the go, what they pack for lunch, or how they fill their shopping cart and stock their pantry, people make more than 300 food decisions every day. This show will help listeners learn how to make better choices while still eating all of their favorite foods, guilt-free! The hosts cover all aspects of nutrition, including healthy eating tips, cooking hacks, supermarket shopping guides, restaurant menu breakdowns, weight loss, food swaps, food trends, and the best and worst foods on the planet.

About the Host

Jon Hammond and Dave Zinczenko

David Zinczenko is internationally recognized as the leading voice in health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss and is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of 25 books in 15 languages, with more than 10 million books in print. Dave created the Eat This, Not That! series and the Zero Belly Diet franchise, as well as The Abs Diet series and The 8-Hour Diet. He is also the Editorial Director of Men’s Fitness and the Nutrition and Wellness Correspondent for ABC News, and has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, 20/20, The Rachael Ray Show, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and was a frequent guest on The Today Show. His books have changed the way the world eats—and have helped millions of men and women lose weight, sometimes up to 70 pounds or more. Starting in a 2002 op-ed in the New York Times and later in 2007 with the Eat This, Not That! series of books, Zinczenko called for food manufacturers “to provide what every diner in America deserves: full disclosure” and led to calorie counts on menus and healthier formulations of products from Jamba Juice, Carl’s Jr. and many more. The blockbuster series—with its pop culture attitude, shocking food swaps and proven “no-diet” weight loss strategies—continues to top the charts, with titles devoted to restaurant menu survival, supermarket shopping guides, healthy pregnancies and rapid weight loss. Oprah called Eat This, Not That! “a great guide everyone should get” and Ellen DeGeneres said “Eat This, Not That! will freak the weight right off of you!” His diet books have been equally acclaimed. The Abs Diet series was ranked as one of the best commercial diet plans by U.S. News and World Report. The 8-Hour Diet (published in 2012) led the trend of intermittent fasting. His latest franchise—Zero Belly Diet—has spawned two more bestsellers, Zero Belly Cookbook and Zero Belly Smoothies, and have helped thousands lose weight and look, feel and live better than ever. Dave’s next book, The Sugar Swap Diet, will show you how giving up added sugars will melt fat and guarantee your happiest and healthiest life. Formerly the Editorial Director of Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Prevention, and the General Manager of Rodale Books, Zinczenko is also the Founder and CEO of Galvanized Media, a company helping define the new era of healthy living. He grew up in Bethlehem, PA, where he’s in the Hall of Fame, and attended Moravian College, home of The Zinczenko Center for New Media. Jon oversees development of strategic communication initiatives and capabilities within Galvanized and on behalf of our partners. Previously, he was the Executive Director of Communications for WIRED. Prior to that he held senior level communications positions at Men’s Health, Conde Nast Traveler, and the National Basketball Association where he oversaw several league branding initiatives including several of the league’s marquee events, social responsibility initiatives, and served as a marketing communications liaison to the league’s 30 teams.

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