Charlotte Readers Podcast

Host: Landis Wade
Podcast Samples:
David Radavich and Dede Wilson – Connected Poetry

About the Podcast

Author and host Landis Wade encourages authors to read and talk about their award-winning, published and emerging works.

About the Host

Landis Wade

Landis has been writing all his life. That’s what lawyers do. But he had a revelation in his mid-50s when he realized it was more fun to write about conflict than to experience it. And so, while still practicing law, he began writing fiction when he penned a Christmas story for his family that turned into his first published book. As he continues to write, Landis hopes to draw on the Wade family writing gene. His grandfather, Jake Wade, was sports editor for The Charlotte Observer for many years and scrivener of the popular column, “Jake Wade’s Sports Parade,” in the 1930s and 40s. Landis says, “he could really tell a story.” And because Landis is curious and sometimes frustrated by technology, he asked himself this question as he approached retirement from his law firm: “I wonder if I can create, manage and produce a great podcast that features authors reading their work?” He looks forward to hearing the answer to this question from the podcast’s listeners.

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