Blunt Shit with Des

Host: Desirée Rivera
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In this episode I discuss the Truth of the Roaring 20's and how it is a time to live life but also where most feel lost. I'm here to tell you to not rush your future and everyone legit feels like this too.

In this episode I discuss having the mentality of just not fucking caring. By this I mean doing things in life you expect for yourself and for your own validation, no one else

About the Podcast

In my podcast I discuss how anyone can reach their full potential no matter what age. In life there is some many external issues going on that it can distract people from understanding their trauma, issues, tendencies, and even themselves. Blunt Shit with Des focuses on helping people heal and grow to have a better grasp, specially millennials. As a millennial myself this is the time where most feel lost and have trouble finding themselves. The goal here is to make others feel worthy of who they are at the core regardless of what their limiting beliefs may be.

About the Host

Desirée Rivera

Hi there my name is Desiree Rivera and I am 20 years old from New Jersey! I'm currently a student at Rowan University majoring in sociology. I started this podcast in hopes to help those find themselves and accept all of them (even the good & bad). I started my own healing and self discovery journey about a year ago. With my knowledge and past errors I truly desire to help people be heard and inspire them to become their best selves. By my dedication and drive I would love to broaden my audience and platform.

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