Bard on the Plains

Host: Mike McPeek

About the Podcast

A podcast where I tell stories of growing up on a farm on the plains of South Dakota

About the Host

Mike McPeek

What I do to pay the bills is work as a high school custodian. What I do for fun is work on the computer and podcast. Growing up on the plains of South Dakota there wasn't a lot to do. But I was able to entertain myself by read old sci-fi books from the back staircase in our house. Edgar Rice Burroughs "Pellucidar" and "John Carter of Mars" books among many. I also watched Star Trek and thought that this is the way the world should be. My mantra has always been "I want my Star Trek future and I want it now". I have always thought of science fiction as a testing grounds for ideas that will change the world. I have been involved with computers for over 30 years starting with my Radio Shack Color Computer through Dos, Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS and Android. I also like to do digital photography. I just like to play with anything that has to do with tech. I do my own podcasts, Bard on the Plains, where I tell stories about growing up on the Plains of South Dakota. I also do Holding Out for a Hero Podcast, a podcast about superhero and comic book tv shows and movies. And there’s Bard on the Playlist Podcast, where I play music and tell stories based on the songs.All of my podcasts can be found at When I haven't been spending time on computers I have worked as a farmer, at a potato chip plant and as a custodian. I have a wife and 3 grown kids.

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