Fort Worth Food Stories

Host: James Creange

About the Podcast

The Culinary School of Fort Worth has a passion for promoting the local food and beverage scene in Fort Worth. This podcast was created by the school as an avenue to showcase the many great restaurateurs and business minds in the area while also providing a learning tool for future chefs. We thank you for joining us on this journey into the minds of the people who make Fort Worth great.

About the Host

James Creange

James’s passion for food began at a young age through his family. Even during meals in the Creange household, the conversation would typically tend to shift to food. He began working full time at The Culinary School of Fort Worth as a marketing and content manager where his passion for food began to grow. He created the Fort Worth Food Stories podcast as a way to highlight local chefs throughout the DFW area. He grew up in New Jersey before attending TCU in 2013 and staying in Fort Worth after his graduation in 2017. James graduated from TCU with a Sports Broadcasting degree and would love to one day combine his passion for food with his passion for sports. In his free time, James loves to read books, watch movies, and attend concerts. He also hosts the baseball podcast Spurtability.

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