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Glutton for punishment radio talk show host, Eric Zane got tired of being fired in radio, so he took his talents to podcasting. Ripe with ridiculous stories of a typical American family, pop culture and interviews with interesting people, The Eric Zane Show will leave you wanting more. That's great because the show podcasts 5 days a week!

About the Host

Eric Zane

Eric Zane did radio for 33 years. He started in ninth grad at his high school radio station and never did anything else. His amazing family is probably a lot like yours, and they provide endless stories of hilarity. Eric is not afraid to speak his mind on current events and has numerous guests in long form interviews that are interesting and fun. The diamond in the rough is his elderly father who helps Eric with an advice segment on each Thursday podcast called, "Dear Meathead." Give The Eric Zane Show Podcast a week of listens and you won't be let down.

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